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Metacrypt enables the crypto and DeFi community with a suite of powerful decentralized services available on several different blockchains. Take your projects to the next level with Metacrypt's suite of audited and verified technologies.

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Multi Chain Compatible

Supported Blockchains

Metacrypt supports a variety of Blockchains allowing you to deploy your projects across a wide variety of networks.

Ethereum Network
Ethereum Network
Binance Smart Chain
Binance Smart Chain
Polygon Network
Polygon Network


Services & Tools

Metacrypt offers a diverse suite of services critical to any decentralized project. All offered services are audited and verified.

Mint your token

Token Creator

Metacrypt allows you to create your own token on any of the supported blockchains in just 1 minute, no code required! All Smart Contracts are pre-audited and hence the newly created token do not require any additional audits!


Metacrypt is a blockchain solutions company providing innovative and powerful decentralized services across several different blockchains.

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