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Uniswap V3

Calculator & Simulator

Easily calculate and track fees generated from Uniswap V3 positions as well as get meaningful insights on volume, prices and investment returns including APR.

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Provided for informational purposes only.
All data is directly retrieved from the Uniswap V3 Subgraph. If you feel like any of this data is incorrect, please check the Uniswap Info site to confirm.
Data for Optimism and Arbitrum is unreliable due to low liquidity. The data returned from the Uniswap subgraph for the said networks is also often not accurate enough. I recommend sticking with Ethereum and Polygon.
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What is Uniswap V3 Calculator & Simulator?

Uniswap V3 Calculator is an exploration tool for Uniswap V3 providing insights and fee estimates which are usually abstracted away from the UI. Uniswap doesn't show returns or APR for any new liquidity position that you create, which makes it hard to judge how well a position would do.

You can use this tool to get an idea of which tokens and how much would you want to invest, and estimate what your income from fee could be based on historical data. All the data is directly fetched from Uniswap V3, and is accurate to the current block and subgraph sync time.

This tool is also helpful if you are new to Uniswap and would like to learn how it works.

What do these numbers and charts represent?

This tool uses historical data from the selected pool to show a simple ideal case scenario on how much fee you could potentially earn for providing liquidity to Uniswap V3 for the selected tokens and fee tier. Although, this tool has several assumptions. For the sake of the calculations, this tool assumes no change in the swap ratio (price), the volume or the liquidity positions. This is most certainly the ideal case scenario. This tool also does not account for Impermanent Loss and any honeypot mechanics.

All functions, formulas and assumptions are the same as in the Uniswap codebase, including percentages, liquidity and the price calculations.

How does this tool work?

*technical stuff ahead*

Uniswap V3 Fee Calculator uses the formulas as described in the Uniswap V3 Whitepaper to calculate specific token amounts as well as liquidity and uses the current swap volume and liquidity to create an estimate of future fee potential based on historical values.

The prices for the tokens are calculated by using derivedETH values for token and multiplying with the USD price for Ethereum taken from a weighted average of the stablecoin pools. The depositAmount is then used to calculate token splits using the liquidity formulas below, using current global liquidity.

The pool volume is calculated from the average of the last 7 days, not including the present day.
24hVolume = avg([volumeT1...volumeT8])

User liquidity is calculated as an addition to the total liquidity pool:
liquidity0 = amount0 * (sqrtRatioBX96 * sqrtRatioAX96) / (sqrtRatioBX96 - sqrtRatioAX96)
liquidity1 = amount1 / (sqrtRatioBX96 - sqrtRatioAX96)

If P <= Pa, then userTotalLiquidity = liquidity0.
If Pa < P < Pb, then userTotalLiquidity = min(liquidity0, liquidity1).
If P >= Pb, then userTotalLiquidity = liquidity1.

Finally using Liquidity from Uniswap V3, we can calculate the following:
computedFee = feeTier * 24hVolume * (userTotalLiquidity / (existingLiquidity + userTotalLiquidity))

This computedFee is plugged back into the Uniswap V3 formula to calculate the actual fee for the selected tokens and fee tier.

Uniswap V3 Whitepaper Reference


This tool is great to visualize and simulate any Uniswap V3 position, but please do your own research before investing. Nothing on this website is investment advice, and you bear all responsibility from investing. All of this is based on historical data, and nobody can predict the future.